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Luxury Car Cleaning in Delhi | Luxury Auto Wash in Delhi

City Car Care provides German Car Wash Technology for the best Luxury Car cleaning in Delhi. Our luxury car washing center has to offer the best cleaning service for your luxury auto wash in Delhi. Your car is your prized possession, don’t let the look of it get affected with thick grime. Hire us as the best in industry services of car wash professionals and let your car shine forever.

Luxury Car Wash Technology

We at City Car Care understand what your car means to you and hence offer you, car cleaning which is done with latest equipments including high pressure machines, spray injection and extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on. We will not just shed off the dust and dirt from your vehicle, but will make sure that it looks newer.

  • For all domestic and international luxury brands
  • Our professionals are well skilled in vehicle cleaning.

Best Luxury Car Cleaning Process

As we are authorized by the leading car technology giant Bosch, we have all luxury car washing equipments. Our wide range of washing services include:

  • Complete vacuuming of cars (seats and boot included)
  • Underody wash
  • Pre washing of luxury car
  • Foam cleaning of car’s external body
  • Cleaning of tyres’ arches
  • Cleaning of door frames
  • Car’s exterior body’s polishing/waxing
  • Polishing/cleaning of dashboard
  • Alloy cleaning
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
Car cleaning in Delhi
Car cleaning in Delhi
Car cleaning in Delhi



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